Ranthambore National Park, Sawai Madhopur

News Update: 03-June-2018

Tiger family gives a happy surprise at Ranthambore National Park

In a rare sighting in itself, a tourist spotted a full family of four Tigers at Ranthambore National Park. The tourist has spotted Tiger T-62 and Tigress T-59 with their two cubs, all together, cooling off in a water pool situated in the eco-tourism zone 9 in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, the most famous tiger reserve in the world. According to the forest officials of Ranthambore, it is very rare to spot an entire family of tigers all together in their natural habitat as tigers naturally are solitary animals.

A wildlife photography buff by heart, Abhishek Chaudhary is a regular visitor of the Ranthambore National Park but he never ever dreamed that he will get a sight of a lifetime during this visit. Abhishek, a businessman from Patna, has never expected that he will spot something unexceptional, Tiger T-62 with his entire family, during his safari in zone 9 which is known for having the least chance of tiger spotting among all the zones of the Ranthambore.

Abhishek told to a Times of India correspondent, “Tiger spotting is very rare in zone 9. I have spotted T-62 tiger once earlier, but I couldn’t spot T-59. So, I have been visiting zone 9 to try my luck for the past few months. Luckily, on Saturday, I have not only spotted T-62 but his entire family, including T-59 and two of their ten-month-old cubs. I first spotted T-62 who was walking towards the water pool. Then, within a few minutes, I spotted one of his cubs who was already sitting next to the water pool. That’s when I thought that if one cub is here, then the other cub, along with their mother, would be nearby. So, I waited for around half an hour. Then, I spotted the entire family, relaxing in the water pool, taking a respite from the heat.”

This rare sighting happened during the morning safari on Saturday when Abhishek had spotted not just one or two, but four tigers – an entire family of tigers. According to him, this is the first time when an entire family of tigers consisting of Tiger T-62, Tigress T-59 and their two cubs has been spotted together by any tourist in Ranthambore.

Tulsiram Meena, a forest ranger of the Phalodi range of Ranthambore National Park said, “We have spotted them before, individually and sometimes in a pair, but this is for the first time that a tourist has spotted the entire family together. This happens very rarely.”

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