The Ranthambore National Park is the gem of wildlife in Rajasthan which generates the whopping revenue every year for the forest department of the state. In terms of the ticket sales, Ranthambore Tiger Reserve is the leading tourist destination in India even leaving behind one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal. The revenue earning from Ranthambore has broken all records since last two years. It is the irony of such a popular wildlife park that almost all the check posts of the park which are responsible for the safety and security of the wildlife were not even having the electric lighting. However, the situation is getting better as solar panels have been installed for the electricity in some of the check posts in Ranthambore.

Forest Check Posts in Ranthambore National Park Got Solar Powered Lighting

Since the Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary has taken under the Project Tiger and declared as the Tiger Reserve in 1973, all the 65 check posts in the reserve forest area have been functioning without the electricity. Forest guards at these posts have been using the lanterns for lighting up the posts. However, some of the posts in the Ranthambore forest area have been fitted with the solar panels which will generate electricity to light up the posts during the night. The solar electricity will also help in running a few of the other electric equipment at the posts such as electric fans. The solar generated electricity will not only helpful for the forest guards, but also beneficial for the animals’ lives.

During the summer season, most of the water bodies get dried up due to the excessive heat. So, many artificial water pools have been filled with the drinking water for the wild animals. The water has been taken out from the tube wells using the diesel water pump engines. Now, the solar electricity can be used to run the water pump which will be much easier and inexpensive than the diesel engines. Some of the posts have already been fitted with the solar panel and the installation of solar panels is underway for the rest of the posts too so the solar electricity will be available for them too.

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