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Ranthambore Jeep Safari


Online Safari Booking Ranthambore:- The Safari in the Ranthambore National Park is the most famous wildlife safari in the world for the exclusive tiger sighting. No any wildlife destination in India provides such an excellent opportunity of tiger sighting in their natural habitat as like Ranthambore. Though getting the sight of this elusive and dangerous predator of the forest is sheer luck, but with a little bit of planning can enhance the possibilities of tiger sighting in the Ranthambore forest. It is always advantageous to take at least two or three forest safaris in the different tourism zone. You can take two safaris in two different shifts in the same zone in which the tiger sighting is reported recently and then take one or two safaris in the different zone. With such a planning, you can significantly improve the chances of tiger sighting as well as sightings of the other rare wild animals like sloth bear, leopards, etc. 

However, the sighting of these rare wild animals in their natural home has its own significance and experience during the wildlife tour, but apart from these predators, there are many other wildlife species which can also be a delight to see in their natural habitat. The Ranthambore National Park is home to around 30 mammals, 12 reptiles and more than 300 species of exotic migratory and domestic birds. Observing these beautiful birds and listen to their melodious chirping in the tranquility of the forest is an unforgettable experience, especially, for the bird lovers. The large and small lakes of Ranthambore are home to a large number of Marsh Crocodiles. The sighting of these dangerous large crocodiles, while they rest on the bank of the lakes, will amaze you. The Ranthambore Forest Safari will be an adventurous and enriching experience for wildlife enthusiasts.


Types of Safari in Ranthambore:- Ranthambore National Park offers two types of safari vehicle options to get into the forest and explore the wildlife. One is 6-seater Jeep and another is 20-seater Canter, which is allowed to enter the park. Both the vehicles are open from the all sides to provide the best viewing experience in the forest. Both the vehicles are available on seat sharing basis, so you don't have to book the entire Jeep if you are single tourist or in the group of two or three persons. However, you also have the option to book the entire Jeep by paying the required fee for the more personal Safari experience. In both the vehicles, passengers are accompanied by a driver and a naturist guide in each Safari vehicle and their charges are included in the Safari charges, so you don't have to pay any extra charges to them. There are limited numbers of Jeeps and Canters allowed in each tourism zone and the zones are allotted to each vehicle at the time of entrance.

Half Day and Full Day Special Safari:-  The Ranthambore National Park now offers a special advantage for wildlife enthusiasts by providing the facilities of Half-Day and Full-Day Safari. Now, tourists have the option to stay more time inside the park than the standard safari shift time of 3.30 hours. The Half-day safari permits allow the visitors to spend a maximum of 6 hours in the park either in the morning shift from sunrise to 12 noon or the afternoon shift from 12 noon to sunset. The Full-day safari permits allow the visitors to spend a maximum of 12 hours from sunrise to sunset in the park. There is no restriction of Safari routes and tourism zones for the half-day and full-day safari vehicles. There is a limitation of 5 Jeeps per day for Half-day and Full-day safari. During these special safaris, you can either take the packed lunch and have it in the park or come back to the hotel for lunch and visit again to the park.


Charges for the Ranthambore Safari:


Indian Nationals:

Foreign Nationals:

Jeep (6-Seater):             

INR 1800 per passenger     

INR 3500 per passenger   

Canter (20-Seater)

INR 1200 per passenger

INR 2500 per passenger


Charges for the Special Safari:


Indian Nationals:

Foreign Nationals:

Half-Day Safari.           

INR 35,000 per Jeep.         

INR 60,000 per Jeep.       

Full-Day Safari

INR 65,000 per Jeep

INR 78,000 per Jeep

Timings of the Safari

The Ranthambhore National Park remains open for the tourists from 1st October to 30th June of every year, while remains closed for the remaining months during the monsoon season. The entry and exit timings in the Ranthambore National Park are governed by the timings of sunrise and sunset, so the Safari timings change accordingly with the change of the season. In the morning shift, the entry timing is usually at 06:00 AM and the exit timing is 09:30 AM. In the afternoon shift, the entry timing is 02:00 PM and the exit timing is 05:30 PM. The duration of the Safari in each shift is around 3.30 hours during which you can explore the wildlife of the allotted tourism zone.